Snapshots of Discipleship

Snapshots of Discipleship

As we continued our study in the Gospel of John last week, we were invited to look at some photos, Biblical snapshots of when Jesus first met some of His disciples.  These snapshots are not concerned with telling all the details of each person pictured, but more importantly the focus is on Jesus and their responses to Him.  These divinely captured images call us to reflect and respond as well on what it means to be His disciple.

The first pictured principle of discipleship is to know who you are not. The testimony of John the Baptist reminds us of our response when self-exalting opportunity comes knocking. John could have easily capitalized it for himself. He didn’t. Our response should be the same. We are not the heroes.  We are not the solution. We aren’t what people ultimately need – desperately need – a Savior. If we miss this point, we have not only missed discipleship but we have missed the gospel.  How do you answer the question, “Who are you?” when prominent people come asking?

The second pictured principle of discipleship is we point people to Jesus. He is the Lamb of God, the One who takes our sins upon Himself. Jesus is the One who stands in our place, the One whose life and death caused the curse of death to pass over us, the suffering servant who God placed the sin of us all.  We point people to Jesus.

The third pictured principle is discipleship has a basic pattern.  The general pattern is hearing about Jesus, seeking Jesus, experiencing Jesus, remaining with Jesus, and finally bringing others to Jesus.  So there is more to be a Christian, a Christ-follower, than a one-time experience.  You see the Jesus of the Bible, particularly of John’s Gospel is continually calling us to respond to His ever-unfolding revelation of Himself.

The fourth and final pictured principle is to remember this is just the beginning.  Jesus promises us that we will see and experience more of His glory.  The rest of the Gospel of John is a divinely inspired display of who Jesus is.