Encourage, Instruct, Laugh – Proverbs Part XXVI

Encourage, Instruct, Laugh – Proverbs Part XXVI

Scriptures referenced in chronological order:
Proverbs 10:11, 20-21; 11:30; 15:13, 15, 23; 16:24; 17:22; 29:11; Ecclesiastes 3:4

“Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Not True!! Charles Swindoll said; “Words mark us as human, in the image of God. Like God, we use words to create trust and form relationships and build community. But unlike God, we use words to destroy trust and break relationships and divide community. Like God, we use words for one heart to touch another heart at a deep level. But unlike God, we use words for one heart to break another heart at a deep level.”

You’ve probably heard someone say or even you have said “I have to let all this out!”. One of the main issues of conversation in our country today is the right to say whatever we feel. But as followers of Christ we are held to a much higher standard. We belong to a new culture where we sometimes must surrender that right. We bring our words under the judgment of God’s word!
Learning how to use our words to produce life, to encourage others and strengthen our relationships is challenging. Using our tongue as an instrument of grace, peace, love and kindness is what God expects from us. It would please Him and edify others if we choose to give wise counsel, sound advice, loving reproof and rebuke. Obviously, with the right motive, discernment and discretion.

Today we’ll talk about three additional examples of words that instill life in the listener. First, Words of Encouragement. How many times have you sincerely affirmed and/or expressed your gratitude to someone else this week? (Spouse, children, friends, coworkers, others) It may be time for you to grow into the habit and the command to encourage others!

How about Words of Instruction! Have you thought about the impact a godly teacher has had in you? Have you thought about the impact the words of a close friend during a difficult time have had in you? How about the words of the person who lead you to Christ? WOW!

Stop and think about this. Faith comes by hearing, right? (Romans 10:17) And hearing words that communicate the right message, the right way and at the right time! God gave us the responsibility to carry out His redemptive plan for the world and, in doing so, we use words!

You may not feel like you can teach, God’s plan to save humanity but that does nor nullify God’s great commission to each one of us to make disciples of all nations. Your tongue can serve no better function in life than to tell others about how to restore their relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Lastly, Cheerful Words. Enough with the long faces. There is time for everything, including expressing a good sense of humor! There are times when a good sense of humor is needed. How quickly we forget to laugh when we are in the middle of a long boring meeting or a serious discussion or argument at home. It is medically proven that good humor is healthy and it lengthens life. We shouldn’t doubt it; God said it first!

We have become too serious about just about everything in life. We exclude or even miss almost every chance for a cheerful word and a good laugh! Shouldn’t Christians be the happiest people in this word? After all, we are immigrants in this world; nothing in this word should take away the joy of our heavenly home! And we shouldn’t take anything excessively serious other than Jesus! Even though it can’t be proved I stick to the statement that says it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile. Chill out and enjoy the ride through life on this side of eternity; the other side awaits.