Ignite 3: Message

Ignite 3: Message



Many people including preachers and writers constantly quote the famous words attributed to Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gospel at all times; use words if necessary.”  Although it sounds good; is it accurate?  Can we preach the Gospel without using words?  How can it be possible? (Romans 10:13–14)


Good deeds and good Christ-like behavior are good and may make Christianity attractive but it doesn’t communicate the Gospel.  Jesus commanded us to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15, NKJV)  He commanded us to tell everyone about the good news of Jesus Christ.


What is Communication?  The word “communicate” means to convey knowledge or information about something.  Communication, then, is simply telling others what you saw, heard, or felt.  An example of communication can be found in John the Baptist’s eyewitness account found in John 1:32-34.  What do we Christians have that should be made known to all?  We have the good news of Jesus Christ; the Gospel.


Why should we communicate the Gospel?  The first and the greatest reason we should communicate the Gospel is because it worships God; it brings glory and honor to our Lord.  Communicating the gospel should be the natural result of being filled with the Holy Spirit and have a zeal for worshiping Him.  If that’s the case we will want the whole world to hear about Jesus!  (Romans 1:5)  We have all been set apart for and privileged with the telling everyone what God has done for us so that they may hear and believe, all for the glory the name of Jesus.  Seeing men saved is seeing God’s name glorified!  It worships God!


Secondly, we communicate the gospel because we Obey Christ.  For a true follower of Christ witnessing is not an option; it’s a command.  So we obey! (Matthew 28:19; Acts 1:8, NKJV)  These are not just Scriptures to be memorized; they are commands that are to be obeyed.  Communicating the good news of Jesus Christ shows our obedience to God.  Although bringing glory to God should be our main reason for witnessing, obedience is a close second.  This obedience ought to be born out a heart that is passionately in love with Jesus Christ!


Lastly, we communicate the gospel because humanity is depending on us!  We live in a world that desperately needs the message of the cross.  They may not want it.  They may not care.  They may reject it.  But they desperately need it and we are the only one who can communicate it with them.


Here are some truths we must keep in mind.  Remember the condition of the people around us. (Romans 3:10–18)  Also remember that Jesus is their only hope (Acts 4:12; Romans 1:16; 6:23) and telling them is our God given responsibility.  (Romans 10:14)  Jesus is the only hope people have for salvation and we must be compassionate. (2 Corinthians 5:10–11)


God has entrusted the message of the gospel to you and me.  He has chosen to work only through us.  How can they hear without a preacher? We are responsible to God for the way we handle this ministry. (1 Thessalonians 2:4) Inviting people to our Church services or to your Small Group is very good but not enough.  At a certain time and place you must communicate the gospel using your words and the Words of God.  What words?


First, Communicate your Salvation Story.  In two minutes or less tell others about (1) your life before Jesus (2) how you receive Jesus and (3) how Jesus makes your life more meaningful.  Second, Communicate the Gospel.  Communicating the gospel requires Biblical truth.  Here are those basic truths: (1) God has a PURPOSE for our life, our life here and for eternity. (2) We have a PROBLEM; it’s called sin.  (3) God has PROVIDED a solution for our sin; Jesus Christ.  (4) We must RESPOND to God’s provision; repent from our sin and receive Jesus Christ as the only that can save us.  Now, these are basic points needed to be addressed when we share the Gospel.  There are some Scripture that go with it.  The important question to ask is; will you commit to do whatever it takes to communicate the message of the Gospel?  Will you CONNECT with someone with the purpose of stirring CURIOSITY for spiritual matters and COMMUNICATE the Good News of Jesus Christ?