Ignite 2: Methods

Ignite 2: Methods


How we say something can be just as important as what we say. Nonverbal signs or cues can comprise more than half of what is being communicated.  So when we share the gospel we want to be sure we do so in a way that is consistent with the truth of the gospel.  We want to proclaim in a way that demonstrates the love and grace of God, yet does not diminish His holiness and His righteousness.  We surely don’t want to distract from the gospel nor unintentionally distort its message. In short, our methods should exalt God and not man.

The pinnacle example of how to share is found in our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s identify three ways Jesus approached sharing the gospel from John 4.

Connect (John 4:3-10)

First, Jesus connected with people wherever he was. He was sitting by a well in the middle of the day. Not only did Jesus connect with people wherever he was (at a public well), He did so despite how He felt (weary), He talked with an individual (a Samaritan woman), and He started through casual conversation (about water).  Our method should follow this model.  This means we are to connect with people wherever we are and not wait ‘til we feel like it.  We should start with individuals and share through natural conversations. So be alert to people you already have relationships with in your normal routines but also look for more ways to connect with the individuals in the community around you.

Curiosity (John 4:7-26)                              

Second, Jesus brought about a curiosity from the Samaritan woman.  He did this with an unusual act of kindness.  He crossed a social barrier by simply talking with a Samaritan woman.  Jesus also made her curious by saying something unusual.  He spoke of “living water” and of “never thirsting again.” In doing so, He directed the conversation to spiritual things. Through the gospel saltiness of His discussion, Jesus created a strong longing for the living water in the woman’s heart. In essence, His conversation made her spiritually thirsty. Therefore we should seek to arouse curiosity in others by our kindness and care for them while being sensitive to the longings that only Christ can fulfill.

Conclusion (John 4:28-43)                         

Finally, look at the results of Jesus’ methods. The Samaritan woman believed, went and told others, introduced them to Jesus and many of the people from her town believed in Jesus as well! May this ignite us to use the methods of Jesus by being more observant of opportunities and more intentional in our conversations.  May we gain a passion to proclaim the gospel even this day!