Danger in the Disconnect

Danger in the Disconnect

There are four dangers of a diminished view of the power of Jesus found in John 3. The first is a danger in evaluating Jesus (John 3:1-3, 11-13). John shows us that Jesus has a heavenly perspective (John 3:12-13) that sees well beyond our limited earthly perspective. His counsel is within the Triune God (notice Jesus use the plural pronoun “we” in verse 11). More to the point, apart from Jesus, we have no spiritual life to even discern the things of God.  Jesus tells Nicodemus he must be born again. Jesus is saying we don’t access God. God accesses us.


The second danger is the danger of underestimating Jesus (John 3:4-6). Jesus presses the issue of new birth by alluding to a promise of God found in Ezekiel 36:25-27.  This prophetic promise declares that God was not only going to cleanse His people but He was also going to give them new spiritual life. Jesus provides this new life.  Jesus reminds us that He is not the one who promises too much but the one who fulfills all of God’s promises!


Therefore we can’t play the mathematics game with Jesus. We can’t add to Scripture for He is the Word of Life.  We can’t subtract from His deity for He is fully God. We can’t multiply the requirements to please God for His life was perfectly pleasing to God. We can’t divide the believers into those who are saved and those who are transformed. The third danger is adding to Jesus any of these things.  Jesus points to the simplicity of responding to God in faith (Numbers 21:4-9). This new birth is evidenced by our response of faith (John 3:16).


There is a fourth and final danger, the danger in not responding to Jesus. There is the sobering reminder why Jesus entered His creation – we needed to be saved. Jesus came to save an already condemned world (John 3:18).  If we do not respond in faith to the mighty work of Jesus then we remain in the darkness of our brokenness. When we reject the true Life that emanates from the Living God, we are only left with death.  Jesus came so that we would respond in faith to Him and be transferred from the kingdom of darkness and death to the kingdom of light and life. He redirects our rebelling hearts back toward the Father. We are born again.