Posts from January 2014

Posts from January 2014

The Message Behind the Signs

Today we find Jesus in the town of Cana attending a wedding with His mother and His disciples (John 2:1–2).  We are exposed here to another of many snapshots John will show us in his pursuit to show us that Jesus is the Son of God; A JEWISH WEDDING; THE GOSPEL STORY. “Here comes the Bride”, a book written by Dr. Richard Booker, a Messianic Theologian, points out how…

Snapshots of Discipleship

As we continued our study in the Gospel of John last week, we were invited to look at some photos, Biblical snapshots of when Jesus first met some of His disciples.  These snapshots are not concerned with telling all the details of each person pictured, but more importantly the focus is on Jesus and their responses to Him.  These divinely captured images call us to…

A Souvenir or a Savior

Usually, when we visit places we had not visited before we buy souvenirs.  A souvenir is memento; something that reminds us of a place or time or experience.  We have just concluded the Christmas season.  During it we were exposed to a series of messages that introduced us to the birth of Jesus.  We explored some of the prophecies concerning this historic fact.  We looked…
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