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One of the great blessings of this modern digital age is the ability to share God’s truth in a variety of ways.  It is our hope and prayer that God, by His grace, would use these messages for His glory and the furthering of His Kingdom.  If you would like to access older sermons, search for a particular sermon or guest preachers, please click the button below.

Sermon Archives

2016 Series

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Why Proverbs?
The G.O.S.P.E.L?

05.22.16 The G.O.S.P.E.L

What Was God Thinking?
Mothers Day
See To It That You Are Worth Saving
What To Do With Jesus
Seamless and Ceaseless Worship

2015 Series

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Christmas 2015

12.20.15 Why Was He Born?
12.13.15 Children’s Christmas Program – Message
12.06.15 Why From; Choose Joy

Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure

11.29.15 Talented by God
11.22.15 Thanksgiving in The Land of Plenty
11.08.15 Redeeming Time

The Journey of Honor
The Making of a Disciple

1.4.15      Message 1
1.11.15      Message 2
1.18.15     Message 3
1.25.15       Message 4

2.1.15      Message 5
2.8.15     Message 6
2.15.15    Message 7
2.22.15      Message 8

2014 Series

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Gospel of John

1.12.14      Souvenir of Savior
1.19.14      Snapshots of Discipleship
1.26.14     How to Read Signs

2.2.14       The Born Again Disconnect
2.9.14      Jesus Response to Opposition
2.16.14     Puzzling to Provocative
2.23.14    Before Abraham Was, I AM

3.2.14      The Good Shepherd
3.9.14      Death Doesn’t Have the Last Word – Jesus Does
3.16.14    Why All the Unbelief 
3.23.14    Love to the Limit
3.30.14    Food for the Troubled Heart

4.6.14       3D Life in Christ
4.13.14     Shaping and Showing Relationships
4.20.14    The Empty Tomb
4.27.14    Watch and Follow

1 John

5.4.14      Am I Saved?
5.7.14      Evidence of Salvation: Light
5.18.14    Evidence of Salvation: Love
5.24.14    Evidence of Salvation: Life

Ignite (Evangelism)

6.1.14      Motivation – What motivates us to proclaim the gospel?
6.8.14      Methods – What methods to connect with people?
6.15.14    Message – What message is considered the gospel?
6.22.14    Means – What brings about conviction?
6.29.14    Move – How do you respond when God moves?

2 Corinthians
Consider the Call

8.3.14      Heart of the Call      Matthew 9:35-38
8.10.14    Consider the Call     Matthew 10:5-15
8.17.14    Consider the Cost    Matthew 10:16-25
8.24.14   Consider the Confidence     Matthew 10:25-33
6.31.14    Consider Christ       Matthew 10:34-42

It's All About Him


9.7.14      Introduction
9.14.14    Jesus Presence 
9.21.14    Jesus & Creation
9.28.14   Jesus & the Law

10.5.14      Jesus & Narrative
10.12.14    Jesus & Psalms
10.19.14    Jesus & Song of Solomon
10.26.14   Jesus & Prophets

11.2.14      Jesus & Covenants
11.9.14    Jesus & Types
11.16.14    Series Conclusion

When God Came Near

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