Scriptures referenced in chronological order:
Romans 8:28, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Psalm 8:2, Matthew 21:14–16, John 1:14, John 18:37–38, John 14:6, Romans 8:28

A Message of Hope

At a point of hopelessness, it’s like… they feel like, like, they do not, because they don’t know what’s gonna happen in a month or 6 months or even next year, some time next year. Everything is kind of in the limbo. And I want you to understand if you know Christ as your Lord and your savior, you always carry with you a message of hope. And if you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, there is hope in Christ Jesus. There is that, that you need today to help you for tomorrow and for next month and for next year in Jesus Christ. But you must make Him your Lord and Savior. You must make Him part of your Spiritual DNA, otherwise it doesn’t work like that, it just doesn’t work like that.

We celebrate Christmas, it’s the time of the year in which we see so many places with a manger and with pictures and now they have this lamp so you put on decorations on the wall and you see all these things, there is nothing hanging on the wall but you see the decoration there and you see the message of the manger, the message of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and that is a great, great message. But there is a lot more after that. That was just the beginning of something awesome that happened on your behalf and for everyone of us here.

So I want to bring a message of hope today. I want you to walk out of here, understanding that God is not done with you, that He is still at work in your life and that He will continue to be at work in your life and that there is no accidents with God. Whatever He’s got in line for your life will happen and it will be good for you. And it will be great for you.

The Bible says and we know that things work together for God to those who love God and to those who are called according to His purpose. So there are some conditions to it and I want you to hear this thing, so you don’t go out there with a false impression about what Jesus’ message is all about, what Jesus came to this world to accomplish, what is His purpose to be born in such a low and simple setting and then grow and suffer as much as He suffered and then go and die at the cross of Calvary when He was not guilty of that. The Bible says that we celebrate the fact that He just, not only that He died there but on the third day He came back to life and He is the only religious leader that I know that is alive today.