Doulos Youth Ministry is for Middle and High School age. This Ministry is designed exclusively to impart wisdom on the church leaders of today and tomorrow. The youth of this nation are faced with many issues–This ministry deals with them from a Godly perspective. This ministry challenges the youth in their faith to know it, own it, and show it.

Ministry Opportunities

The BreakOUT!
Wednesday @ 7:00pm-8:05pm
Take a break from the norm and come out on Wednesdays to learn about God’s redeeming plan for your life. God has a plan for everyone so breakOUT of the crowd and own your faith. The breakOUT is designed for both middle and high schoolers. Some topics include “God’s Big Story,” the redeeming power of Christ , Shame and Guilt, Abstinence, and so much more.

Sunday @ 9:45am-10:50am
Lifegroups is designed to dig deeper into God’s powerful word. This time is where students engage the Bible in a deeper way. The curriculum is designed to grasp the attention of students and for them to own their faith. Lifegroups is designed for both middle and high schoolers.

Serving and Service
Sunday @ 11:00am-12:15pm
Students are encouraged to serve or attend the worship service on Sundays. They can serve through praise band, tech ministry, nursery, children’s church, and host ministries. Through this time, a deeper understanding and responsibility of the church takes place as students learn they can serve God through the Church.

**All Events are held at Atlantic Baptist Church**