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by Pastor Carlos

The stage is set.  Jesus is ready to depart, the food is ready, Judas is ready to betray Jesus and He gets up, takes off His robe, wraps a towel around His waist, pours water into a basin and begins to wash His disciples’ feet.  The King of Kings washing the feet of twelve peasants!  […]

Why All the Unbelief?

by Pastor Carlos

In John chapter 12, we encounter the transition from Jesus’ pubic ministry to His private ministry, known as the Farewell Discourse. A daunting question looms over this pivotal point:  If this book was written so that we may believe, and Jesus is not going to do any more signs, then why all the unbelief?  God […]

The Good Shepherd

by Pastor Carlos

JESUS, THE TRUE SHEPHERD; John 10 Jesus has entered a very intense period of conflict and opposition to His ministry.  Those who opposed him looked for every opportunity to punish him.  He obviously did not appreciate the religious leaders of Israel and intentionally alienated them while consolidating His following.  We can see this as we […]