Posts from September 2013

Posts from September 2013

Gone for a Moment, But Ours Forever

Philemon Often in his letters, Paul referred to the brevity of life here on earth. He speaks of the temporary nature of possessions that we tend to hold so dear.  (1st Timothy 6:7, 9)  Philemon could have had a moment of earthly victory!  Other slave owners would have applauded a tough stance toward the runaway slave, Onesimus. Whatever punishment Philemon dealt would be…

The Question of Life – Why?

Philemon 1–22 Can you remember the one thing your children did that made think “Oh boy, here we go; challenging my authority is going to become an adventure?  I remember mine.  It was when my children started asking the question of life; Why?  You need to get to bed.  Why?  Need to do your chores.  Why?  Need to eat all your food.  Why?  You need to pick up your stuff. …

Vision 2014: God is Calling Me!

Romans 10:13-15 As we reminiscent on God’s grace and mercy, we remember His goodness towards our Church (Psalm 107:21–22).  Charles Wesley once wrote: Good Thou art, and good Thou dost, Thy mercies reach to all, Chiefly those who on Thee trust, And for Thy mercy call.  We give thanks to the Lord for His goodness; for what He’s done, for what He’s doing and for what He’ll…
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