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9 to 5 Ministry

by Pastor Carlos

Genesis 39:1–6 When we think of a pastor taking a position at a church or a missionary heading out to the mission field, it is more than obvious to us that they have answered the call of the Lord Jesus. I mean, when we think of someone like Billy Graham, who could deny that he […]

Do Not Despise Your Birthright

by Pastor Carlos

Genesis 25:29–34 God tells us that Esau left the God of his father and grandfather.  Instead of serving God of his forefathers he decided to be… godless.  Hebrews tells us his decision was not a good one (Hebrews 12:15B–17).  In rejecting God, Esau had brought more harm than help to his life.  Esau was a […]

The Greatest Trial of All – Part 3

by Pastor Carlos

After three days and three nights thinking about what he is about to do, Abraham, Isaac and their men arrived to the place God had told him.  We’ve already relived the agony Abraham must have experienced but nothing compares to this moment.  So far is been just a test of his love for God over […]