We test things to see how good they are.  We test cars, food, clothes, shoes, etc. Today we must know that WE WILL BE TESTED BY GOD (Jeremiah 17:10).  From the get go the Bible tells us that “God tested Abraham”.  What does this mean?  What does it mean to be tested by God?  Doesn’t God know our hearts and whether we are faithful and trustworthy?  F.B. Meyer brings some clarity of what God’s test in our lives means and what is the purpose.  He said, “Satan tempts us that he may bring out the evil that is in our hearts; God tests us that He may bring out all the good.” 

When Satan tempts you he attempts to promote his agenda and lure you into buying into what he has to offer that way he renders you unfaithful in disobedience to God (Galatians 5:19-21).  When God tests you, He is working out your spiritual muscles; He is flushing out those evil qualities and bringing out to the surface those character traits He has placed in you by His Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:23).  So, consider every incident of your life, including any crisis, as an opportunity to exercise and strengthen those great character traits that God has place in your life.  What for; to bring joy to you and pleasure to God (James 1:2–4) 

Beware! TESTS ARE UNWARNED.  Abraham was living a pretty smooth life.  He was wealthy, great family and friends, great relationship with God, and suddenly, he was confronted with the greatest test he would experience in his life (Genesis 22:2).  This trial touched Abraham in his most tender point; Isaac his son.  What was God testing here?

God tested Abraham’s love.  Abraham had to choose who he love most; his God or his son.  So far he had been willing to part from his homeland and his people, wander in the wilderness and even giving up his son Ishmael.  But, maybe, if he had been asked who he loved the most, God or Isaac, he would have had to think about it.  Love is not measure by feelings but by what we are prepared to do for the one to whom we profess love.  Jesus said He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me.” (John 14:21, NKJV)   

I’m sure that God knew how much Abraham loved him but, did Abraham know?  That’s why God put him to the test, so he could know how great his love was for his Father in heaven.  BTW, it also helps us understand that there is such a degree of love to God that will move us to part with even the most important things in our lives.  Do you love God as much as Abraham did?  No!  Then tell Him that you are willing to pay whatever cost for Him to create that kind of love in you.  And, remember; though at first He may ask you to give up your Isaac to Him, it is only so that you know where you stand in this area of your life.  He will reward you in greater ways; maybe even return your Isaac back to you.

God tested Abraham’s love and God tested Abraham’s faith.  God had told Abraham that Isaac was to be the child from where the promise of a great nation would come (Genesis 21:12).  Now he’s been asked to sacrifice that child.  How could God keep His word and let Isaac die?  Abraham felt sure that somehow God would keep His word (Hebrews 11:17–19).  It was not for Abraham to figure it out but simply to obey.  Oh, what a faith!

We have been blessed with a book loaded with promises from God.  Why is it then that even though He has promised us so many things we continue trying to figure things out in the midst of trials instead of just trusting and obeying Him?   

God wants for the good in you to come to the surface and become who you ought to be.  With this purpose in mind He will test you.  His tests will be unwarned but if handled properly your spiritual confidence will grow; your faith will increase and you will be more obedient to God’s word.  You will be able to enjoy God’s promises in a very tangible way, becoming a great witness for Christ in this world.