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The Greatest Trial of All – Part 2

by Pastor Carlos

We will be tested by god (Jeremiah 17:10) And Abraham was not the exception.  Now, what does it mean to be tested by God?  F.B. Meyer once said; “Satan tempts us that he may bring out the evil that is in our hearts; God tests us that He may bring out all the good.”  Tests […]

The Greatest Trial of All – Part 1

by Pastor Carlos

We test things to see how good they are.  We test cars, food, clothes, shoes, etc. Today we must know that WE WILL BE TESTED BY GOD (Jeremiah 17:10).  From the get go the Bible tells us that “God tested Abraham”.  What does this mean?  What does it mean to be tested by God?  Doesn’t […]

Building Altars – Part 3

by Pastor Carlos

To build some landmarks in our life that will lead us to a place of spiritual maturity and confidence, we have followed Abraham in Genesis as he built altars to worship God (Genesis 12:7, 8; 13:18).  An altar represents true worship and involves: SURRENDER, SACRIFICE and SERVICE.  We spoke about building an ALTAR OF SURRENDER.  […]