Posts from June 2013

Posts from June 2013

Building Altars – Part 2

Have you ever had to move to a new place, maybe to a smaller house, away from your loved ones; a place where you did not know anyone, maybe did not even speak their language, where things were not easily available to you?  How about having to give something you appreciate to bless someone else?  How about ceasing to do something you have done forever but realize is not…

Building Altars – Part 1

Wherever Abraham went he built altars to the Lord God where he would worship Him (Genesis 12:7, 8; 13:18).  An altar represents true worship and involves: SURRENDER, SACRIFICE and SERVICE.  Abraham used natural uncut stones, not touched by man’s strength and skill, to represent a yielding to God’s strength and the refusal to trusting in his own strength.  It always amaze…

What Do Fathers Do?

On this Father’s Day I would like to look at the life of a famous father, Noah, and answer the question; what do godly fathers (or godly people) do that leave lasting impressions in his children’s lives or in the lives of others?  (Genesis 6:5-12)  The condition of mankind in Noah’s times was chaotic; anarchy was the law of the land, people were degenerate, perversion ran…
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