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Respond in Faithfulness

by Pastor Carlos

The Bible tells us that when we placed our trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, He gave us supernatural gifts.  Unfortunately, you may not know this or, worst, you may know but have not done anything to claim them.  You must respond faithfully to God’s gifts in you! God has given each […]

When We Remember Him

by Pastor Carlos

Memory is one of the greatest aspects of life.  Being able to remember past experiences help us celebrate them or learn from them.  However, many people are very forgetful.  Some forget because of medical reasons others just because human condition: we are imperfect and live in imperfect bodies.  “I forgot” becomes the reason for things […]

Living Out True Fellowship

by Pastor Carlos

As we read the book of Acts we witness the birth and first steps of a new “ekklesia” (Church); the one owned, built and nurtured by Jesus Christ Himself.  This Church was born shortly after the ascension of our Lord to take His place in the Godhead; on the Day of Pentecost (2:1-4).  Those who […]

Pleasing God

by Pastor Carlos

We are in an election year.  I am not going to talk to you about the elections but I will like to highlight the amount of scrutiny all candidates have to go through.  In a world where debauchery is so accepted, all it takes is for you to run for public office and it becomes […]

True Prosperity

by Pastor Carlos

Recently I read some news about a well known prosperity gospel preacher’s problems with his teenage daughter.  Not a big issue there since many of us have experienced issues with our children.  What caught my attention is how much attention they paid to his doctrinal stand about prosperity when that wasn’t the issue.  Prosperity gospel […]